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These versions are worked out on the base of two-section track carrier DT-30P. Hydromanipulator, welding unit, extraction pump are installed on the first section; excavator equipment – on the second one.

They are intended for excavation, loading – unloading and construction work at the dispersed units on the difficult ground. DT-30KE excavator has 3 hydraulic operated outriggers. DT-30PKE1 has easy demountable and collapsible body sides of the second section (amphibian version).

Design of DT-30KE and DT-30PKE1 emergency repairing complexes is peculiar. These machines combine equipment for preventive and emergency work at the oil-and-gas extraction unit and high-speed passable two-section chassis. Besides that there is a covered sealed body with welding unit and extraction pump on the first section. Such emergency repairing complexes are more effective in areas difficult of access than existing in our days wheel and track vehicle, what is more, they replace several machines of different purposes.


Technical specifications








Excavator equipment

  ЕК-12  ЕК-12 

Hydraulic manipulator    

  IF-300  IF-300 

Curb weight, tons

  45  46 

Capacity of excavator bucket, m3

  0,65  0,65 

Maximal excavation depth, m

  4,65  4,65 

Hydraulic manipulator load torque, kNm

  265  265 

Boom-out, m

  2-8  2-8 

Capacity of self-priming pump, cu m/hr

  100  100 

Nominal welding current, A

  2 (4)х250  

2 (4)х250


Maximal road speed, km/h

  37  37 

Maximal water speed, km/h

  -  3 

Depth of water obstructions traversed, m

  1,8  afloat 

Mean unit ground pressure kgf/cm2

  0,3  0,3

Fuel distance, km

  340  340 

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