Витязь - машиностроительная компания
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Is worked out on the base of two-section track carrier DT-30P. Crane plant is installed on the second section. 

KS-5771 is intended for loading-unloading, constructing, mounting and emergency work at the dispersed units.

Three-section telescopic boom made of high-durable steel ensures a wide zone of work (about 960 m2) and great height of load lift (25m). Telescopic boom with load on the hook makes it possible to get the load to difficult accessible place because of small boundary dimensions between assembled constructions.

Under transportation conditions the boom is put on to the post and the hook is put in to the niche of the post without the assistance of the slinger. The mechanism of the crane are operated electro-hydraulically with apportionment.

Microprocessor restrictor of crane ONK-140 load capacity with digital information about lifted load mass, length of the boom and it’s pitch, percentage of the crane loading make the operation of the crane safety.

The load capacity restrictor may operate in regime of coordinate protection of the crane and has telemetering memory bank «Black box».


In accordance with the customer’s desire the crane can be equipped with a dump for platform layout.

Technical specifications


Crane capacity, tons


Maximal height of lift, m


Maximal boom-out, m


Boundary dimensions (total length of the crane), m


  The first section length, m


  The second section length, m


  Width of the crane, m


  Height of the crane, m


Maximal road speed, km/h


Maximal water speed, km/h 




Mean unit ground pressure kgf/cm2


The crane mass (total), tonnes


  The first section mass, tonnes


  The second section mass, tonnes


Fuel distance, km 


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