Витязь - машиностроительная компания
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Autonomous dwelling complex is worked out on the base of two-section track carrier DT-30P. The dwelling module is installed on the revised body of the second section.

Is intended for transportation of repairing team to the place of preventing and emergency-repairing work conduct at the gas-and-oil pipelines, electrotransmission lines in the regions with difficult roads and severe climate conditions. The dwelling complex is a residence of the team. The first section of the complex is used for load, equipment and tools transportation. 

The dwelling complex has autonomous electric light, heating, conditioning and ventilation of the inner volume. All that makes the condition for residence at the ambient temperature from 40 degrees – above zero to 50 degrees of frost comfortable.


Technical specifications


Curb weight, tons



Carrying capacity, tons (first section)


Maximal road speed, km/h


Maximal water speed, km/h


Berth, unit




Heating system


Electric light system


dieselelectrostation E16МА1


The inner dimension, mm





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