Витязь - машиностроительная компания
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Is worked out on the base of two-section carrier DT-10P. 

The passenger saloon is installed on the second section chassis and has trunk-call apparatus (with a driver in his cabin), electric light, heating, conditioning and ventilation of the inner volume. All that makes the people transportations comfortable, especially under conditions of difficult roads and severe climate (at the ambient temperature from 40 degrees above zero to 45 degrees of frost).


Technical specifications


Curb weight, tons



Carrying capacity, tons (first section)


Maximal road speed, km/h


Maximal water speed, km/h


Passenger seats:

     in cabin  3
     in saloon  38 - 42

Heating system

 warm-air heater ОБ-65Г  

Ventilation system


by extraction ventilators on the roof


Fuel distance, km






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