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Is an amphibian wheel-mounted tractor of 2,5 tonnes load carrying capacity.

It is intended for work in different branches of national economy. This vehicle combines high passableness with low lifting expenses under severe climate conditions on the difficult roads (marsh, snow, off-roads, broken country). Constructive design of МТД-2,5 makes it possible to drive the machine on the roads for general use in accordance with the traffic rules.

In construction there are units and assemblies of serial produced automobiles produced serially. 

The works can be conducted at the ambient temperature from 40 degrees above zero to 50 degrees of frost.


Technical specifications


Carrier mass, tons


Load carrying capacity, tons


Engine power, hp.



 diesel YAMZ-236 

Load capacity efficiency


Specific power h.p. /tonnes


Specific traction, max 


Среднее удельное давление на грунт, кг/см2


Максимальная скорость движения, км/час


Water obstacles


Winch effort, kgp


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