Since the 20th  of may 1977, from the very first days of it’s construction, JSC «Vityaz» has turned info one of the advanced high-mechanized enterprises with skilled workers, technicians and engineers of high qualification, with high technical level of industrial training and progressive methods of labour. In 1981, when the plant hadn’t been yet constructed, the first article had been already manufactured, in 1982 – twenty articles. In the next years the output of articles was rised twice and thrice. The eighties were characteristic of high level of labour productivity at the plant indeed. It was explained by defence type of the plant and high technology of production. There were crucial moments, even dramatic in the history of the company. But the diligence of people helped to overcome them. So, human relations, mutual understanding and mutual assistance, confidence in the future got firmly established.

Simultaneously production of new articles was being organized. In period of creative and labour activity over 40 different articles were worked out and put on the market. It was being produced from a few a year (article ¹ 834 for military purpose) to 24.000 articles a year (KS-TGV-20 and KP60M).

Market relations require production of top-quality goods there fore the company works on a task of labour organization perfection. It secures high quality of articles.

To date the two-section tracked carriers of JSC «Vityaz» run in the Artic and Antarctica, in boundless space of Russia from Karelia to the Far East and Kamchatka.

This is put down to credit of such highly honoured specialists as Saveljev Vladimir Ivanovitch, the first general director of JSC «Vityaz» and Oskolkov Konstantin Vladimirovitch, chief design engineer of the first two-section track carrier.

The First two-section track carrier

The company body (October 1981)